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Features of SV-2 version

  • A 2DOF system with full chassis.
  • Suitable for persons up to 130 kg.
  • It has 3 potentiometers that you can adjust in real-time:
    1. Travel of actuators.
    2. Speed of short movements.
    3. Speed of long movements.

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Review is for SV3 but should be aplicable for SV2

Bought my SV3 platform with traction loss a couple of years ago and so far it has worked perfectly. Motors and construction are really sturdy (110kg driver) and with lots of adjustments to fit every driver size (1m90 is still fine. Bigger driver should probably request some customization to make the platform slightly bigger. Electronics works great specially the real time speed and travel adjustment. Plus Javi is a very friendly and provides exellent customer support.

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