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What is SimTools motion simulator software?

SimTools is a generic Motion Simulator Software able to control
multiple hardware interfaces like the Arduino, SimAxe, JRK, SCN5 actuators
(For testing you don´t need any hardware interface)

This software is the connection-link between the game and the motion simulator.

It extracts the game values like the force of speed, the direction of movement, shifting gear, RPM of the engine, force of acceleration and a lot more. Then, all these values will be mixed into a data set which is used to control the motors of a motion simulator.

There are other software products like SimTools on the market, but SimTools owns some essential advantages:

  • Very easy to use
  • A great community that gives you help and support
  • 95% of the most popular available race and flight games are supported by SimTools
  • New games are supported within a short time after coming to the market.
  • Sometimes we are publishing plugins for games which are not published, yet and only available for beta testers – Don´t ask how we accomplish that. That’s the magic of our smart plugin creators;)
  • You are not forced to have your simulator online for any registration process

More than 80  Plugins available!

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