Our company

NjMotion Simulators

We are a company with several years of background in motion systems, and our quality/price is unique, using Servomotors with electronics of high performance.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Features of our products

  • Motors: Servomotors. Pros: Speed in changes of direction, high torque at start and stop and the long life they have without wear.
  • The motor and reducer assembly shape an actuator of about 14cm of travel, more than 40kg of force and limited to about 180 mm/s of speed.
  • It’s all oversized to avoid noises, gaps and warming. Can be disconnected or connected in real-time.
  • They include several regulation potentiometers: Travel, speed, degrees, etc.. (in real-time)
  • They are tested during sessions of more than 7 hours and hundreds of hours in total with pilots of more than 140kg of weight. (The SV-3TL is suitable for pilots of 100kg max, the SV-2 140kg).
  • Price includes the module or simulator and the software SimTools (commercial version), which will also include support for peripherals and vibrators (bodyshakers).